Studio Policies

Thank you for taking a moment to read about some of the things that make our studio great. At The Pilates Collective we are dedicated to our members and clients.  We are committed to maintaining a welcoming, well-run and effective studio space. Participation in the following guidelines will ensure that our studio remains a positive, happy environment for all:

No Shoes on Studio Floor- Please leave them in the waiting area.

No Perfumes-Please refrain from wearing perfume when coming to the studio. Strong smells can be bothersome and distracting or trigger allergies in other students. 

Noise Level, Social Time- We love to encourage relationship building and socializing with your fellow classmates and members. However, please be respectful of the efforts of instructors and clients who are focusing on their workout. Please keep the noise level down when there are classes and sessions taking place.

Questions and Communication with Instructors- Please know that classes and private sessions have a different format and allowance for questions and diversions from the flow of the workout. In private sessions, the hour belongs to the client and any and all questions may be answered immediately at the discretion of the instructor.

Group classes are designed with a rhythm and flow and the instructor is responsible for keeping this pace for all members of the class. 

If you find that you have several questions or concerns relating solely to your body, we would recommend that you schedule a private session. This will allow you the opportunity to work directly with an instructor who can clearly address your concerns and provide a safe and enjoyable experience for you. 

In addition please be aware that the 5-10 minutes that instructors have between classes or sessions are reserved for them to catch a break. Please try to be courteous of this time. Instructors are always available by email to address specific or personal concerns or additional questions you may have. Instructors may also be available for questions during non-session hours.

Class Attendance- Please do your best to arrive Early or On-Time, in order to be sure that you have time to remove your shoes, place your belongings in a cubby, and sign in before class. This will enable you to be focused and relaxed, ready for a great class.  Particularly when it comes to group classes, being on-time will ensure that your instructor and other students are not interrupted. Remember that if you are late, you will miss out on your warm-up, and quietly join class, so that you minimize impact on other students. 

Cancellation Policy- We have a 12 hour cancellation policy for classes and sessions. You may manage your scheduled attendance online through our website. If you do not withdraw from the class online, or by phone to the studio more than 12 hours in advance of your appointment, you will be charged the full class or session price. 

Recommendation by Instructor, Classes vs. Private Sessions- Based on your introductory private session, our instructors will recommend either private sessions or classes for you. Private sessions may be recommended initially to address movement and biomechanics specific to your body. This will ensure that your movement experience is safe, comfortable and most importantly, effective for you and your body. Members with prior experience may choose classes as their primary method, however each person who is new to pilates is required to participate in at least one introductory private session prior to any enrollment so that our instructors may evaluate your experience and guide you appropriately.