The Pilates Collective team

As a collaborative studio, each instructor and practitioner contributes her unique experiences and diverse expertise, creating endless opportunities for us to learn from one another. We’re passionate about making sustainable health and movement practices available to you, and we love that we can work together to do just that.

Pilates Collective Staff

The Pilates Collective owner - Clara Gelatt

Clara Gelatt, PMA-CPT

pilates instructor, studio Owner

Clara was introduced to Pilates in Washington DC and completed her teacher training at Pilates of Cherry Creek under Hope Petrine in 2013. After a few years of teaching at studios around Denver, Clara wanted to create her own studio atmosphere in which instructors truly felt supported to collaborate and develop their careers as they desired. In this community environment, she felt teachers could reach their full potential for themselves and best serve their clients. Clara is particularly passionate about working with clients living with disabilities such as MS, spinal cord injury, chronic pain, and muscular dystrophy. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband and three children and playing the piano.

The Pilates Collective staff - Melissa May

melissa may 

Pilates Instructor

Melissa began her study of movement in dance classes at age four in her hometown of Darien, Illinois. Now a professional dancer, she’s enjoyed the versatility of Pilates along the way as rehabilitation, cross-training, and a practice in the mind-body connection. Melissa received her Comprehensive Teacher Training Certificate from BASI in February of 2010 and has been teaching at studios around Denver since. She’s the "early bird" of the Pilates Collective, teaching our 6 AM classes and early morning private sessions.


Ann Daxberger

Pilates Instructor

Ann has been practicing Pilates since 1998 and teaching Pilates since 2002. As a competitive runner Ann immediately recognized the benefits of Pilates as the ultimate cross-training tool to improve performance and avoid injury. For Ann, Pilates highlights the many skills she reveres: natural movement, body awareness, balance, athleticism, and focus. When not teaching Ann enjoys running, hiking, reading, and honing her own Pilates practice

The Pilates Collective Denver staff - Claire Brunelli

Claire Brunelli, PMA-CPT

Lead instructor, program CoOrdinator

A native of Austin, Texas, Claire is a PMA Certified instructor with a degree in Modern Dance Performance from the University of Oklahoma. Claire was lucky enough to start Pilates at age 12 under longtime teacher and family friend Kate Wodash Catlow, who later trained her as an instructor. As a dancer, Claire deeply appreciates the benefits of Pilates as they relate to both injury recovery and daily life. Sharing her insight into movement and the Pilates method is a fulfilling and exciting experience for Claire, and she looks forward to continuing down the spiritual, physical, and mindful paths Pilates has to offer.


Gretchen Cross

Pilates Instructor

Gretchen found Pilates while living abroad and searching for a form of exercise she could do anywhere. She earned her original certification in 2006, then received supplemental certifications in 2014 and 2016 from the Pilates Sports Center (under the tutelage of Sarah Smysor Panning) and Pilates Method Alliance respectively. Gretchen also holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology, a degree in Secondary Education (with experience coaching high school athletics), and a Personal Training Certification. All encompassing, she has over 15 years of experience in fitness and education. At The Pilates Collective, Gretchen works with clients of all experience and ability levels, relying on her biology background to help people learn about functional movement and improve their overall well-being.


Heather Wechsler

Pilates Instructor

Heather Wechsler started her movement career in dance classes. When an injury led her to Pilates, she immediately became enamored with the mind-body-spirit connection it provided her and has been hooked ever since. In addition to her classical Pilates certification, Heather is a nationally certified Reflexologist, which contributes to her holistic approach to health and fitness. She is committed to supplementing her training with continuing education so she can provide her clients with fresh movement and concepts. Outside the Pilates studio, Heather enjoys yoga, kettlebells, being outdoors, and spending time with her twin daughters.

Pilates Collective Practitioners


Lea Klein

Physical Therapist

Lea graduated from St. Louis University with a Bachelors in Exercise Science in 2000 and a Masters in Physical Therapy in 2001. Throughout her career, she found herself gravitating towards pregnant and postpartum patients, and in 2007 received training to specialize in pelvic floor disorders. Lea’s strong orthopedic background has contributed to her whole body approach to treatment. Depending on a patient’s needs, she may utilize massage, trigger point dry needling, visceral mobilization, Selective Functional Movement Analysis, and kinesiotaping in addition to traditional physical therapy work. When she’s not treating patients, Lea enjoys gardening, cooking, yoga, Pilates, and spending time with her husband and three children.


Gina de soto


Gina discovered the Pilates Method as a college student in New Orleans. As she worked the front desk of a studio, she saw that Pilates was not just about fitness, but about connecting with people one-on-one and helping them achieve their goals. She completed her training at the Pilates Center in 2004 and deepened her education for 10 years under the tutelage of Cara Reeser. Gina specializes in chronic low back pain as well as pre- and post-hip surgery patients, and started a movement education program for hockey athletes with her brother. Her degree in nutrition contributes to her holistic and approach to wellness.

Headshot Shannon-0004.jpg

Shannon Briese

Pilates Instructor, Massage Therapist

Shannon is a perpetual student of the body. Throughout her education as a massage therapist, she’s pursued supplementary training in sports massage, neuromuscular massage, and craniosacral therapy. She deepened her knowledge with an extensive study of anatomy, including a stint assistant-teaching anatomy classes and assisting physical therapists. In 2007, Shannon received her Pilates training from The Pilates Center of Boulder. She now combines her many areas of expertise to provide clients with a well-rounded approach to physical wellness. Shannon is particularly excited about collaborating with other wellness practitioners in an effort to continue learning and better serve her clients. When not in the studio, she enjoys the beautiful Colorado outdoors with her husband and daughter.


Maya Pingle

Dance & Pilates

A Chicago native, Maya began dancing at a young age and was touring with various companies by age 11. She now has 25 years of experience teaching dance and choreographing, including a 12 year stint as dancer and assistant choreographer with the Radio City Rockettes Christmas Spectacular. In addition to her extensive dance background, Maya earned a certification through the Pilates Center and completed the Kathy Grant Heritage Training Program so she could extend her Pilates teaching to include children. She now teaches in the basement studio of The Pilates Collective where she offers classes for movers of all ages.


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