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The Pilates instructors, massage therapists, and physical therapists of Pilates Collective Denver work together to empower you with mobility for life. Pilates classes and private sessions provide the tools you need, whether for cross-training, improving overall wellness, rehabilitating from injury, or living and moving with neurological disorders.

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Pilates Collective offers Reformer classes, mixed equipment classes, private sessions, semi-private sessions, and more. Check out all the options and see what’s best for you.


“I love the variety of classes offered, and that the instructors all make the effort to constantly change things up to keep the classes fresh and exciting. My visits to the studio are truly one of the highlights of my day.” 
- Jaclyn H

“I went from thinking that I would never get back in shape or exercise without back pain to being pain-free and able to do all of the activities I did pre-babies.” 

- Kristina W.

“Since I started taking Pilates, I have become much stronger in my lower back and in my body overall. I highly recommend Pilates to anyone and I plan on taking it as long as I can.” 
- Debbie B

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