We offer a variety of packages and memberships for private and group Pilates classes. let us know if we can help figure out what’s best for you.

If you’re completely new to Pilates, we highly recommend starting with our free introductory session. Once you’re oriented, you can continue with private sessions, bring in a friend for a duet, or mix it up with group classes. With a maximum of 6 people in our Reformer, Tower, and Wunda Chair classes, you’ll never be lost in the crowd.

Class Packages
Includes all Pilates group classes

Single class: $30
5 pack of classes: $135
10 pack of classes: $230


Monthly Membership - 5 classes a month: $100
Monthly Membership PLUS - 10 classes a month: $170

Private Sessions

Single private session: $80
5 pack of private sessions: $385
10 pack of private sessions: $660
20 pack of private sessions: $1200

Duet Sessions
Prices listed per client

Single duet session: $45
6 pack of duet sessions: $240
10 pack of duet sessions: $380


The Pilates Collective - Flow Classes

Flow Classes

Whether on the Reformer, Tower, or Chair, Flow Classes are designed to get you moving. We teach at a faster pace, bypassing in-depth explanation with the assumption that clients have confidence in their movement and knowledge of the Pilates equipment.

The Pilates Collective - mat classes

Theory Classes

Join our Theory Classes for a comprehensive understanding of how the Pilates Method helps your body stay mobile and resilient. We focus on details and fundamental themes so you can get more out of Pilates every time you practice.

The Pilates Collective - Gentle classes

Gentle Classes

Our Gentle Classes are perfect for clientele with osteoporosis, scoliosis, arthritis, acute pain, or other conditions that require extra attention. We offer props and modifications so you can stay comfortable and get what your body needs.

The Pilates Collective - Jump Board classes

Jump Board Classes

Combine the cardio benefits of jump board with the strengthening and lengthening of the Pilates method in our Jump Board Classes. Expect to sweat more than in your average class!

The Pilates Collective - Pilates for MS

Pilates for Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Explore the unique benefits of Pilates for those living with neurological disorders. We work on maintaining proper alignment, building core strength, and improving balance, all at a slow pace with instructor assistance. We’re ready to adapt adapt exercises for those who have trouble walking or standing on their own.

For questions about Pilates for MS, please email Clara Gelatt