Introducing You To Pilates

We have several ways to get started at our studio. The following three packages are our most popular. No matter which one you buy, you'll receive 15% off of our regular prices if you are a first time buyer: 


5 Private Sessions: Regular cost $385, with discount $327.25.    This is the best option for those who are totally new to Pilates.  We'll use the five sessions to introduce you to our teaching method and get you the basics.  From there you can decide if you want to continue with private sessions or join a small group class. 

5 Private Sessions and 5 Group Classes:  Normal cost $440, with discount $374.    This is a nice mix of private lessons and group lessons if you are thinking group lessons is your final goal.  You'll start with a couple of private sessions and then try out the classes.  Our instructors will guide you to getting started in the right class for you. 

10 Pack of Group Classes:  Normal cost $230, with discount $195.50.   If you are not new to Pilates and want to get right in to classes, this is your best bet.  10 classes will get you in to the groove of our teaching method and with the discount your cost per class is just under $19!