Pilates Collective Denver - South

Our Pilates Collective South location is our very first studio where Clara and her team built the Pilates Collective community. We have 8 Reformer/Towers, 4 Wunda Chairs, 2 Cadillacs, and 5 brand new Fuse Ladders (located in our lower level studio). Pilates equipment may look intimidating, but we know you’ll love it. One session on the Reformer and you’ll want one in your living room! 

Our instructors will have you use whatever equipment is best for you, making sure you’re comfortable and safe every step of the way.


Pilates Collective Denver South
2765 S Colorado Blvd
Denver, CO 80210

Parking Info

Clients of Pilates Collective South are welcome to park in the lot in front of our building. If it’s full, there is free parking on Amherst just a block from the studio.


Pilates for MS

Our Pilates Collective South location has Pilates for MS classes, ideal for those living with neurological disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis. Taught by Ann Daxburger and Studio Owner Clara Gelatt, Pilates for MS classes focus on building strength, coordination, and balance. All exercises can be modified to accommodate your physical capabilities. Contact Clara and visit our blog to learn more.


Pilates Collective Denver South holds Reformer Flow, Reformer Theory, Gentle Pilates, Wunda Chair, Tower, Pilates for MS, Mixed Equipment, Jump Board, and Fuse Ladder classes. 

Download the Pilates Collective app and favorite the South location to be sure you’re always scheduling classes at the right studio.


“The small classes and individualized attention ensures that every client receives a holistic experience.” 

- Nicolette H

“I have so much fun when I go to Pilates, especially at Pilates Collective. As much as I have fun, I also take Pilates very seriously because it is the best exercise ever. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how young you are, your physical ability—Pilates is for everyone.”

- Lisa H 

“Since I began doing Pilates I have increased my flexibility and I have less joint pain. I absolutely recommend Pilates, especially for guys that are too stiff.”

- Roland M