Anna Claire Brunelli, PMA-CPT

Lead instructor & Program coordinator

A native of Austin, Texas, Anna Claire Brunelli is a PMA Certified instructor with a degree in Modern Dance Performance from the University of Oklahoma. Privileged enough to grow up with Pilates starting at the age of 12, Claire received her certification from her longtime teacher and family friend, Kate Wodash Catlow, owner of Mindful Body Center. As a dancer, she instantly recognized the power of Pilates, and the multitude of benefits it had to offer, both in dance and in life! After years of taking classes, both at MBC and during her years at OU, she knew that becoming an instructor was the next step to further her understanding and education in the art of Pilates.  Having the ability to share Pilates with clients is one of the most fulfilling and exciting things that has happened to Claire, and she looks forward to continuing down the spiritual, physical, and mindful paths Pilates has to offer.